Chapter 5.5: Set up ClearOS

Point your browser to the ClearOS log in page and log in using the user name root and the ClearOS password you chose in chapter 5.2

https://[OVH first additional IP address]:81

ClearOS login

Click on Next

ClearOS presentation

Choose Gateway mode and click on Next

ClearOS gateway mode

Click on Next

ClearOS interfaces

Configure the Google DNS server addresses, then click on Next

ClearOS Google DNS

Select Community and click on Next

ClearOS Community

Use the [ user name] and [ password] that you created on Remember to give a name to the installation.

ClearOS registration
ClearOS registration ok

Click on Update all. When the process finishes click on Next

ClearOS update
ClearOS update ok

Type your [Domain name] and click on Next

ClearOS internet domain

Insert your ClearOS hostnames using the same hostname, I suggest to use this format:

clearos.[Domain name]

ClearOS hostnames

Follow the screenshots for the following steps:

ClearOS network time
ClearOS by category
ClearOS click on network

Click on the Network section and select the following applications:

  • 1-to-1 NAT
  • NTP Server
  • OpenVPN
ClearOS ntp server
ClearOS 1-to-1 NAT
ClearOS OpenVPN

Follow the screenshots for the following steps:

ClearOS apps next
ClearOS download and install
ClearOS update navigation menus

This step looks weird but it’s normal, the installer offers to install other applications. You just have to click Next, then click on Install apps later

ClearOS apps installed next
ClearOS install apps later

Follow the screenshots for the following steps:

ClearOS dashboard defaults
ClearOS dashboard widget 1
ClearOS dashboard widget 2
ClearOS dashboard widget 3
ClearOS dashboard widget 4
ClearOS reboot
ClearOS confirm reboot

Wait for the VM to restart, then go back to the Updates section in ClearOS and update everything

ClearOS software updates
ClearOS update all
ClearOS updates in progress

Wait for the updates to be completed, then restart the VM for the last time

ClearOS updates completed
ClearOS restart