Chapter 5.4: Enjoy your first Proxmox backup

One of the main perks of this system is the ability to perform and restore backups very easily, so let’s start to take advantage of that.

In Proxmox, select the ClearOS VM and click on Backup, then click on Backup now

Proxmox backup

Choose to use GZIP compression (it is more efficient) and hit the Backup button

Proxmox backup popup
Proxmox backup starting

Your backup should be ready in a few seconds

Proxmox backup finished

Since now on you will be able to restore your backup and come back to this point. Try to avoid mistakes, but you are covered in case something goes wrong.

To restore a backup, power off the VM you want to restore

Proxmox poweroff

Then go to the menu Backups in your VM, click on the backup you want to restore and click on the Restore button. Click on Restore when prompted

When Proxmox finishes to restore your backup, turn your VM back on and you are ready to go

Proxmox start ClearOS VM