Chapter 5.2: Install ClearOS in Proxmox

Click on the ClearOS VM in the left sidebar, then click on the button Start

Create VM start

Click on the button Console

Create VM console

From the popup window select Install ClearOS and hit enter

ClearOS VM install

Wait for the installation system to launch and select your language

ClearOS language

Click on DATE AND TIME and choose your time zone, then click on Done

ClearOS installation date
ClearOS timezone

Click on INSTALLATION DESTINATION and click on Done

ClearOS installation system
ClearOS installation disk

Click on Begin installation

ClearOS begin installation

Click on ROOT PASSWORD, set your [ClearOS root password] and click on Done


For now choose a password that you can type easily, you will have to type it multiple times. You will be able to set a very difficult password when everything will be set up correctly.


The previous alert does not suggest to use easy passwords, just choose a password that you feel comfortable to type. In this moment your entire system is exposed to internet, so it is very vulnerable. Never use easy passwords.

ClearOS root password
ClearOS root password set

Wait for the installation to finish, then click on Reboot

ClearOS reboot

Wait for the system to reboot, then you will see this screen and you will be ready for the next steps

ClearOS first screen