Chapter 4.2: First steps with Proxmox

When OVH will finish to install your system, you will receive an email with your [OVH main IP address] and [OVH root password].

To log in in Proxmox go to this link:

https://[OVH main IP address]:8006

You will be prompted with this page (if you use Firefox) or a similar one, click on Advanced

Proxmox SSL Notification

Click on Add exception

Proxmox SSL Notification

Click on Confirm security exception

Proxmox SSL Notification

Now you should see the Proxmox log in page. To log in use this credentials:

  • username: root
  • password: [OVH root password]
Proxmox login

Click OK on the subscription alert

Proxmox Subscription notice

Open a terminal window and connect to your Proxmox server using these commands:

ssh root@[OVH main IP address]

You will be prompted if you are sure to connect, type yes and hit enter, then you will be asked for the password, type the [OVH root password] and hit enter, then type the following command:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pve-enterprise.list

Insert a pound sign at the beginning of the line to comment it, then save the file by hitting Control + O (the letter O, not zero) and pressing enter. Then hit Control + X to exit.

OVH Enterprise repository

Now we will perform our first server update. To do so use these commands:

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

Go back to your browser Proxmox page, click on Datacenter in the left sidebar, then click on Options. Edit the field Email from address and insert the email address that will send the Proxmox notifications.

Proxmox email address

Now click on your PVE server in the left sidebar and click on Network, then double click on the bridge vmbr1

Proxmox vmbr1

Delete dummy0 in Bridge ports and click OK

Proxmox vmbr1 ports

Now click on DNS, double click on any DNS field and insert these IP addresses:

Proxmox DNS

Now click on Time and set your time zone

Proxmox time zone

Now click on local in the left sidebar, then Content, hit the button Upload and upload the ClearOS iso image

Proxmox upload iso
Proxmox ClearOS iso popup

Now restart the server by hitting the Restart button in the top menu, then click Yes

Proxmox restart
Proxmox restart popup